Why You Should Join.

Paddle Training is an online resource hub for people looking to become the best paddler they can be. Aimed at the pursuit of health, longevity, and mastery of the craft instead of mindless training through unsustainable methods for extrinsic goals and competitive ego boosts. 

It doesn't matter if you paddle SUPs, canoes, or kayaks. Paddle Training is training for paddlers. Period. It’s for the love of the water, love of the sport, and for the love of ourselves and our community. 

Whether you’re just getting started, or looking to win a world championship - Paddle Training has what you need to excel on your unique level, towards your unique goals, in a balanced and grounded way. Take your training to the next level.  

Improve athletic performance through mindfulness.

Hi! I'm April Zilg, and I've been training for my goals for the last 12 years, and coaching others to reach their goals for half of that. I've learned a lot in my journey from couch potato to world champion and gold medalist. 

If there's one thing I've learned that can help you improve as an athlete and a human, it is cultivating mindfulness. The best training plan in the world won't do you any good if you don't know how to listen to your body and feel your strengths and weaknesses. I want to help you develop deeper athletic intuition. You're welcome to shop the plans I have available, but the real magic happens when you join the group. Join today and commit to learning more about the workouts you do and why, develop better training habits, and really evolve into the athlete you want to be. You'll soon find that the training plans you have access to inside this community are just icing on the cake ;-) 

Free resources or Paid membership?

Don't make any rash decisions. I'm not here to sell you anything, you don't need it! All you need is inside of you, and I believe you can accomplish any goal you have for yourself without any help at all. Access the free resources to get inspired and motivated to train towards your goals today. (This is a great place to start if you want to learn more about the other groups too!) 

If you decide you want a little more guidance or help - that's what I'm here for. Learn how to train for paddling for as little as $5 a month with the Paddle Training Membership. There's already course-loads of zoom meetings and guides on training, nutrition, and mindset so you can reach your goals and plan your own training. All by yourself, at your own pace, with as much or as little interaction as you would like. 

Running short on time and don't have time to read ALL of the resources? Also, not a problem. I've been there too. Join the Punk Paddler group to get unlimited access to a full library of plans for paddle training, nutrition, and mindset - plans are good for building fitness, paddling faster, or winning a world title in your chosen craft.
The Punk Paddler group is the most popular group and the best value if you are a DIY person!
If you coach others or are running a small paddling business, the Punk Paddler group is a great package to have to aid in building the best training to ensure the health and continued improvement of your clients. Check out the plan library as well as existing Q&A zooms or RSVP to an upcoming live session to ask questions. Get the fast-track to which books, podcasts, and online tools will enable you to coach yourself or others quickly and effectively.

If you don't want a library of plans, have analysis paralysis, or are just incredibly busy, don't worry - I've still got you. Sign up for fully custom coaching and I will build out your entire annual training plan around your schedule, check in on your performance weekly, give feedback, and make adjustments as needed. We will check in together once a month and chat about your training. You don't have to get chummy inside the online community - but the other members are pretty awesome, so quit other social media apps and just hang out in here with fellow paddlers! 

So what if we're obsessed! 

What other Paddlers are saying:

"The amount of information you provided just blows my mind. I didn't realize the next level is so scientific... but I am intrigued."

"I did my latest aerobic function test... 5.5 was my average speed, average heart rate 155. 1:06 for a 10k... That's over an 8 minute improvement from the first one I did 15 months ago!!! Furthermore, I did an all out time trial 11 months ago 5.7mph average heart rate 182... Time? 1:05. The math boggles the mind. Thank you for helping me work smarter, not harder." 

"I really do appreciate all the info you put out for your fellow paddlers. My paddling path isn’t the usual one, so I have to find my own way, and your info is always motivating and helpful in some way."

"As recommended, I have been focusing on breathing through the nose and maintaining my HR at 130BPM... Today I managed a PB along a familiar stretch of the river... against the current and wind!! I was also reasonably impressed with averaging 8km/h whilst only working at maybe 70% effort." 

"There's something to this mindfulness."